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2019-2020 SSPA results

Here is the 2019-2020 SSPA results (As of 27.7). There are 81 students who have admitted to NDSS schools. 90 % of students go to EMI secondary schools. Our school will announce the results later when there is other new information. 以下為2019-2020 年度最新的升中成績, 共有81位學生升讀非派位直資中學, 並有九成學生升讀英文中學。若以後有更新資料, 本校將再作公佈。 Please refer to School Annual Plan and Report for details . 請到本校網頁學校報告查閱有關資料.

Updated 2021-2022 P1 Admission Interview Arrangement

To better safeguard the health of our applicants in the on-going epidemic situation, there are some updates regarding to the P1 admission interview. Please visit the "Admission" page of our school website for more details. Thank you for your attention. 因應目前新型冠狀病毒蔓延的情況,為保障小朋友的安全,本校將更改小一面試的形式。詳情請瀏覽本校網頁的入學申請版面。 謝謝。

2020-2021 P1 ORDERING DAY

School uniform, school bus, and book ordering day for new P1 students (2020-2021) will still be held on Saturday July 11 (9:00am - 1:00pm). Please come according to your assigned schedule. However, we strongly suggest parents bring their child's kindergarten uniform and shoes to estimate their size instead of bringing their child to allow for better social distancing. 小一新生於7月11日(星期六)上午將照常購買校服,鞋,書及校巴服務,請家長按照指定時間到校購買。學校強烈建議家長帶備敝子弟現有之幼稚園校服及鞋作購買標準,切勿與學童一起回校,以減低群組聚集,保持適當社交距離。

Cancellation of 72nd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

Dear Parents, Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, all Music Festival competitions are cancelled this year. Refunds of entry fees will be arranged for all participants at a later date. For more information, please visit Consequently, arrangements made for choir competitions according to eCirc 286 and 287 are cancelled as well. Thank you for your attention. Mr. Li

About cancellation of all ECA & school activities from18 Nov to 20 Nov

Dear parents, Due to the uncertainty of road conditions and the social situation, we would like to inform you that all morning swimming team trainings and after-school activities will be CANCELLED from Monday to Wednesday (18 Nov - 20 Nov).

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