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P1 Registration 小一入學註冊

Please be reminded that the 2020-2021 P1 registration is on 19th-20th November 2019 (from 9:30am - 3:30pm.). Only parents need to come for registration. Thank you for your attention. 2020-2021 年度小一入學註冊日期為11月19-20日上午9:30-下午3:30。家長毋須帶同子女前來註冊。謝謝!

About cancellation of all ECA & school activities from18 Nov to 20 Nov

Dear parents, Due to the uncertainty of road conditions and the social situation, we would like to inform you that all morning swimming team trainings and after-school activities will be CANCELLED from Monday to Wednesday (18 Nov - 20 Nov).

Possible Schedule Clashes with Chinese Choral Speaking and English Harmonic Speaking competitions with Solo Speaking Entries

This is a reminder for parents with children in our Chinese Choral Speaking and English Harmonic Speaking teams: Attached is competition schedule for our Choral Speaking and Harmonic Speaking teams. If your child's enrollment in other solo speaking entries for the Speech Festival clashes with the team competitions, you may follow these procedures to help your child alter their solo speaking competition date and time: 1) Download the Alteration Application Form at Fill out the form. 2) Take the form to the school office to have it stamped and signed. The office will also hand you a stamped document of proof for your child's participation in our choral and harmonic speaking teams. 3) In person, take the form and document of proof to the Speech Festival Association at No.7 Carmel Village St, Ho Man Tin and submit the form by Wednesday November 6th, 2019 before 5pm. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Merak Li, Ms. Zoe Lai (English), or Ms. Kwok Yuk Yu (Chinese) at 2450-1588. Thank you for your attention. Mr. Li

8th PTA Meeting Minutes

PTA Annual General Metting

Dear Parents/Guardians, Please be reminded that the PTA Annual General Meeting will start welcoming parents at 6:30pm. Secondary School Place Allocation Seminar (SSPA) will be held at the school hall at 7:00pm on 25th October, 2019 (tonight). PTA 各位家長: 我們的家長教師會會員週年大會將於下午6:30開始接待各位家長,升中講座如期於2019年10月25日(今晚)晚上7時正於本校禮堂舉行。 家長教師會

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