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School picnic guideline 201819

Please check the attachment about the school picnic guideline and map, Thanks 請查看附件有關學校旅行指引和地圖,謝謝

Picnic day dismissal time

Dear parents, Please be reminded that school dismissal time is 2:30 p.m. tomorrow (picnic day). Please remember to pick up your child at school on time. School bus will be provided as usual. Thank you! 致家長, 請注意,明天學校旅行放學時間為下午2:30。 請記得準時在學校接送你的孩子。 而且校車將照常提供。 謝謝!

Games Day 2018-19

Games Day 2018-19 went smoothly in spite of bad weather. Thank you PTA and all parents who helped out and participated in the event!

1819 Games Day Booklet

Games Day uniform

Students may choose to wear either summer or winter uniform on Games Day this Friday. 學生可選擇穿夏季或冬季體育校服出席星期五運動會暨親子遊戲日。

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