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YYPS Alumni Gathering(9th July 2019)

All teachers and alumni are welcome to YYPS Alumni Gathering. Date: 9th July, Time: 4:00p.m. -6:00p.m.

eClass 服務定期更新通知; Not available on 19th July, 2019

eClass 服務定期更新通知 博文教育亦特別為使用『eClass 服務』的尊貴客戶定期更新eClass 校園 綜合平台版本,每當有新的版本,我們便會安排為學校進行更新。 更新詳情: 日期:2019 年7 月19 日 更新期間學校網站會暫時關閉 Since Eclass Web Server maintenance and update, the school website will be not available on 9th to 19th July, 2019

1920 P.1 暫時分班安排 (只適用於7月6日)/1920 P.1 Tentative Class Allocation (July 6 only)

2019-20 年度小一次輪收生取錄學生名單 Primary 1 Second Phase Admission Enrolled Candidates

2019-20 年度小一次輪收生取錄學生名單 2019-20 Primary 1 Second Phase Admission Enrolled Candidates Link: Click to view

HKUST STEM Month 2019

HKUST is organizing Summer STEM workshops and 1-day programmes for students after exam period from 27 Jun to 12 Jul 2019 in HKUST campus. Please visit the link below for details. If you feel interested, please do registration by the link

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