Welcome to YYPs

YYPS aims to provide an inspiring and stimulating environment for our students to explore their interests and discover their potential. We are constantly working to enhance our curriculum in order to equip our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle the ever-changing challenges they may face throughout life. Supported by our positive and loving school culture, our children learn to be passionate and resilient as they flourish in our school community.

Secondary School Places
Allocation (22-23)

We are proud to announce that our students have performed extremely well for SSPA (22-23)!

94% of our graduates have received an offer from their most preferred secondary school.

94% of our graduates are enrolled into EMI secondary schools.

Here are some of the school that
our students have enrolled into.

From The Principal

    Hello, everyone! I am Principal Chiong. I am delighted to join the warm family of Yuen Yuen Primary School in this new academic year. First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the former principal, Principal Tsang and the teaching team for their continuous dedication and pursuit of excellence, which has established a robust foundation for the school and made it a very popular school among parents.

    Yuen Yuen Primary School has always been committed to creating a caring and positive learning environment for students. Under the premise of holistic education, we are devoted to implementing Whole School Approach to guidance and discipline. We respect the uniqueness of individuals and provide assistance according to their needs. We also strive to cultivate their sense of belongings to the school and society, and encourage them to become responsible and helpful citizens. In order to equip students to face future challenges, the school adapt and design new curriculum in response to educational trends. In recent years, our school has vigorously implemented BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education. It motivates our students to design and formulate creative solutions to their problems in daily life, thus cultivating their logical-thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills. At the same time, it fosters the team spirit, mutual respect and appreciation among students. In addition to a comprehensive and balanced curriculum, the school also provides diverse activities and learning experiences to cultivate students’ lifelong learning abilities, allowing them to unleash their potential and broaden their horizons. Through the efforts of all teachers and students, our school has received numerous accolades, including “Inviting School Award”, “Inviting School 1st Silver Fidelity Award”, “Hong Kong Gifted Education Outstanding School Award”, “Happy School Star Award” and “PLK Outstanding School Award”, in recognition of the outstanding performance of our school.

    Education is a lifelong journey intertwined with passion and sincerity among students, teachers, and parents. I strongly believe that home-school cooperation is a crucial part of the continuous growth and development of children. Communication and harmonious partnership between parents and school is vital to the success of our children. I eagerly look forward to  upholding the spirit of home-school cooperation so as to provide high quality education and it is my greatest wish that our students will lead a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

OUR Vision

Children are nurtured, Youngsters are educated,

Adults are supported to contribute,

Elderly are cared for, The less fortunate are lightened with hope.

OUR Mission

To be the most prominent and committed charitable organisation. In the Kuk’s Spirit to do good deeds with benevolence. Dedicated in protecting the young and the innocent, caring for the elderly and the underprivileged, aiding the poor and healing the sick, educating the young and nurturing their morality, providing recreation to the public, caring for the environment, passing on the cultural inheritance and bringing goodness to the community.


Fine traditions, Accommodate the current needs,

People-oriented, Care and appreciation,

Sound governance, Pragmatism and innovative,

Integrity, Vigilance,

Optimal use of resources, Cost-effectiveness, Professional team

YYPS is a truly
inviting school

We are proud to announce that we received the Inviting School Award in 2019. In the academic year of 18/19, we began to actively promote Invitational Education (IE) in our school using the 5P theory – People, Places, Policies, Programs and Processes. We aim to enhance both the academic and character development of our students by creating a caring and stimulating learning environment that advocates care, respect, trust and optimism.


The Big One-Oh! Jr.

YYPS MUSICAL: The Big One-Oh! Jr.

Presented by the YYPS Musical Theater Team, The Big One-Oh! JR. is now online! Click the link below to watch our latest production!

School Prospectus

We prepared a school prospectus to help you get familiar with our school culture. Click the button below to get a copy of your own.