Welcome to YYPs

YYPS aims to provide an inspiring and stimulating environment for our students to explore their interests and discover their potential. We are constantly working to enhance our curriculum in order to equip our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle the ever-changing challenges they may face throughout life. Supported by our positive and loving school culture, our children learn to be passionate and resilient as they flourish in our school community.

From The Principal

Our school has always been committed to whole-person development. We inspire our students to develop lifelong learning habits as they work towards their goals and achieve their potential. With the collected efforts of our teachers and students, our school was awarded the “Inviting School Award” by the International Alliance for International Education (US) in 2019; this achievement affirmed our teaching philosophy.

In order to enable students to better cope with the rapidly evolving society, we do our best to help them build and explore their diverse skills and talents. Starting in 2019, we put great emphasis on promoting Information Technology and STEM education. We motivate our students to design and formulate purposeful and creative solutions to their problems in daily life, cultivating their logical-thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills. The spirit of scientific discovery in IT and STEM Education also fosters mutual respect and appreciation, which are the foundations for whole-person development.

OUR Vision

We Believe every child in our school can achieve the following goals:



Love, Respect, Diligence & Integrity

Grasp Principles & Cultivate Virtue

OUR Mission

  • We  love our children.
  • We care  about our children.
  • We offer an excellent learning environment and ideal facilities to enhance effective and enjoyable learning.
  • We provide various learning experiences and opportunities to encourage them to develop their potential. 

YYPS is a truly
inviting school

We are proud to announce that we received the Inviting School Award in 2019. In the academic year of 18/19, we began to actively promote Invitational Education (IE) in our school using the 5P theory – People, Places, Policies, Programs and Processes. We aim to enhance both the academic and character development of our students by creating a caring and stimulating learning environment that advocates care, respect, trust and optimism.




Our production of the Broadway classic – Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (G2K Edition) is finally on air! Click the button to enjoy our show, featuring the YYPS Musical Theater Team 2021.

School Prospectus
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