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2021-2022 P1 Admission 2nd round Interview Result

2021-2022 P1 Admission 2nd round interview result has been uploaded on our school website. For details, please visit the "Admission" page of our school website. Thank you for your kind attention.

Reply of 20/21 P.1 eLearning Workshop on Aug 25 20/21年度一年級8月25日網上學習工作坊之回覆

If you are a 20/21 P.1 Parent, you do not need to reply to the eNotice: 1920416 YYPS eLearning Guide. The notice is for reference only. 20/21 P.1 Parents are welcome to attend the eLearning workshop. The link of the workshop will be sent through eClass Push Message very soon. 20/21年度一年級學生無需回覆上述通告1920416,通告只作參考之用。本校誠邀20/21年度一年級所有家長參加網上學習工作坊。登入連結將會於稍後透過eClass 應用程式 (即時推送信息) 公佈。

2021- 2022 P1 Admission Application: Confirmation Email will be sent on 17/9

Since many parents report to our school that they hope to have more time to prepare for their video of the first round interview, the confirmation email (with the uploading method of interview video) will be sent on 17/9. Thank you for your attention. 由於不少家長向本校反映希望能有較多時間準備第一輪面試的面試影片; 因此本校會於17/9 才發出確認報名電郵(內附上載面試影片方法)。 謝謝!

2020-2021 P.1 Class Allocation & Bridging Class Arrangements 2020-2021 小一分班及適應班安排

2019-2020 SSPA results

Here is the 2019-2020 SSPA results (As of 27.7). There are 81 students who have admitted to NDSS schools. 90 % of students go to EMI secondary schools. Our school will announce the results later when there is other new information. 以下為2019-2020 年度最新的升中成績, 共有81位學生升讀非派位直資中學, 並有九成學生升讀英文中學。若以後有更新資料, 本校將再作公佈。 Please refer to School Annual Plan and Report for details . 請到本校網頁學校報告查閱有關資料.

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